Designs That Last


Where there’s a look, there’s a way. We’re known for using combinations of metalized and clear plastic films to create overlays that mimic almost any look—from scratched brushed stainless steel to glass.


No matter what conditions you need your overlay to perform in, we can make it happen. We manufacture overlays made to withstand extreme environmental conditions for ranges, freezers and everything in between.

Color Accurate

When something as important as a logo might be going on a component, we take it seriously. We use specialized computer programs utilizing spectrophotometers for color analysis in combination with our certified experts to approve all colors. For ongoing consistency we use control charts to verify colors during the production process.

Metallic Appearances

Chrome, brushed metal, and metallic flake can all be accomplished. We achieve the look of metal without the weight, cost, and electrical interference associated using metal materials. In addition, we can incorporate back lighting, dead front graphics, and touch interfaces.

Dead Front

Using dead front graphics, we can enhance your user interface by allowing you to show what you want, when you want. Once backlit, dead front graphics can provide additional information to the user providing additional design flexibility.


Textures and coatings can be selectively added to produce unique appearances. Combine matte, gloss, clear, frosted, and rough textures to match the personality of your product.

Embossed Keys

Add depth to buttons using custom forming and embossing. With several different forming capabilities, Inno-Flex can provide many different embossed features including pillow, rim, dome, and multi-level.

Display Bezel Overlay

Create a custom display bezel overlay to accent your touchscreen. Incorporate branding, instructions, LEDs, and switches to compliment your user interface display screen. By utilizing an adhesive backed label, display bezel overlays are an easy and flexible way to add customization to any product or production environment.

Control Panel Overlay

Custom control panel overlays can incorporate buttons, display windows, and dial encoder cutouts to provide an industrial human machine interface that is rugged, durable, reliable, and cost effective.

Screen Printed Adhesive

Inno-Flex is capable of high volume screen printing of adhesives. By selectively applying adhesive, we can reduce cost and waste associated with traditional die cut adhesives. This provides the ability to apply adhesives to parts with complex and intricate windows, back-lighting, or dead front graphics that can not be obtained with die cutting.

Value Added Assemblies

In addition to thoroughly inspecting and 100% performance testing each product, we also provide value added assembly services. We can provide you with a fully assembled and turn-key solution for your user interface so it is ready to hit the assembly line and streamline your manufacturing process. We can source and assemble sheet metal, injection molded plastics, control boards, and displays to provide a complete solution.

Instructional & Templates

Instruction cards, quick start guides, warning placards, and installation templates provide value by ensuring a good customer experience for the life of the product. We partner with manufacturers to provide clear and durable printed products that that deliver the valuable information necessary to enhance, inform, and protect their end users.

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A Culture of Firsts

At Inno-Flex, we pride ourselves on making client asks a reality. More often than not, that involves inventing something new altogether. It’s just one of the ways that we’re able to excel above the competition.