In-Mold Decorating

Our IML products combine the processes of printing, forming and molding to create durable, integrated, one-piece components for your application. Alongside our molding partners, we ensure your in-mold components meet the needed specifications through a consistent and controlled process from start to finish.

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Membrane Switches & Capacitive Touch Switches

We are an industry leader in membrane manufacturing and control panels. Drawing on our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we specialize in making user interfaces that deliver seamless performance in most environments.

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Graphic & Functional Overlays

We offer the expertise to solve your control panel and decorative overlay manufacturing challenges, combining appealing form with solid function. Our decades of experience has enabled us to make components that withstand the toughest environments.

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In-Mold Electronics

With decades of experience in both printed electronics and in-mold decorating, our team can provide the experience and expertise needed to manufacture high quality and reliable in-mold electronics. Partner with us to capitalize on the innovative smart surfaces and valuable benefits of In-Mold Electronics.

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Custom Forming, Cutting, & Converting

Our converting capabilities are broad and diverse. Whether it is laminating custom materials, thermoforming, or precision cutting, we have you covered with the know-how and equipment to provide your unique solution.

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Printed Electronics

We have the know-how and equipment to provide manufacturers with high quality custom printed electronics. Our engineers develop customized solutions that reliably meets the specific needs of our customers.

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About Us

Since 1973, Inno-Flex has been at the forefront of decorative and functional interface solutions. We partner with our customers to create the next big breakthrough in IMLs, decorative overlays, membrane switches and complete control panel assemblies. Based in Minnesota with a second facility in Juarez, Mexico, we have a dedicated staff of experts, innovators and solution makers that thrive on new challenges.

Why Inno-Flex?

A Culture of Firsts

At Inno-Flex, we pride ourselves on making client desires a reality. More often than not, that involves inventing something new altogether. It’s just one of the ways that we’re able to excel above the competition.