In-Mold Electronics

In-Mold Electronics leverages the benefits of printed electronics and in-mold decorating to create smart surfaces and 3 dimensional user interfaces. A multi-layer construction includes both graphics and electronic circuitry that is permanently fused to plastic during the in-mold decorating process. This creates an integrated touch interface that reduces cost, components, and complexity. Best of all, it provides manufacturers with the futuristic touch interfaces their customers want.

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In-Mold Electronics Process

From flat film to functional part


Graphics and circuitry layers are printed on a flat polymer film.

in-mold electronics thermoformed conductive circuit with capacitive touch and emi shielding


Printed film is precision formed to a three dimensional shape that mirrors the final molded part.

Injection molded in-mold electronics interface with capacitive touch buttons, capacitive touch slider, emi/rfi shielding, LED windows, and molded pin connector.


Final part is created by injection molding the formed film using the in-mold decorating process to add structure and electrical connections.

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