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Our products last. We manufacture and test membrane switches for everything from home appliances to medical equipment, using our approach to make switches that work in various environments.

Stainless steel brushed metal overlay with graphics to replace metal.


Get any feature you need for your membrane switch: LED lights, tactile mechanical feedback and more. As a pioneer in membrane switch technology, we can work with you to make any special need a reality.


Whatever your scale or budget, we’ll find a way to make it work. For example, our Mexico facility offers a lower labor cost while maintaining a high level of technological expertise. Whatever facility you work with, know that each one brings decades of experience and a suite of high-end machinery that delivers quality while helping you manage costs.


Whether it is surface mounted LEDs, light guide films, or fiber optics, Inno-Flex can incorporate your desired lighting source solutions into the result you need.

Tactile Dome

Tactile domes provide the functional actuation you need with physical feedback in a durable and reliable package.


Add depth to buttons using custom forming and embossing. With several different forming capabilities, Inno-Flex can provide many different embossed features including pillow, rim, dome, and multi-level.


Clear or tinted windows can be used to incorporate displays or LED indicators within a membrane switch.

Capacitive Touch

In addition to traditional membrane switch circuitry Inno-Flex can provide capacitive touch technology to incorporate innovative touch interfaces with no moving parts. Buttons, sliders, wheels, and proximity features can be easily incorporated.

Selective Textures

Selective textures and scratch-resistant hard coat coatings can be added to the overlay surface to provide unique appearances and enhance functional performance.


Polydomes provide a smoother and quieter alternative to metal domes. Utilizing a thermoformed and screen printed polyester film instead of metal domes, polydomes provide more flexible design options including densely spaced keypads and a wider range of actuation forces. By eliminating a circuit layer and reducing assembly costs, polydomes can provide a more cost competitive option for tactile actuation.

Value Added Assemblies

In addition to thoroughly inspecting and 100% performance testing each product, we also provide value added assembly services. We can provide you with a fully assembled and turn-key solution for your user interface so it is ready to hit the assembly line and streamline your manufacturing process.

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Our Process in Action

How do you make simulated capacitance glass more affordable without sacrificing quality? You don’t use glass. When a client came to us with this same question, we drew on our past to usher in the future.