Printed Electronics

Produce a wide array of customized electronic solutions by utilizing the flexible and low cost additive process of printed electronics. Implement printed circuitry to create antennas, heaters, EMI/RFI shielding, capacitive touch sensors, force sensing resistors, electroluminescence, and other electronic solutions. Design the solution from the ground up to ensure it meets your functional requirements as well as specific form factor.

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Custom Tail Connectors

Customize electrical connections using the flexibility and reliability of printed electronics. These thin and lightweight connectors can utilize a wide array of connections to create a custom solution. Whether it is to convert from one connector type to another, connect multiple boards and sensors, or optimize control board layouts and make connection routing easier, printed electronics can provide a great option.

Custom Capacitive Touch Circuits

Incorporate capacitive touch into your products using customized capacitive touch circuits. Utilizing printed electroincs and capacitive touch circuitry, customized touch interfaces can be developed to meet specific product requirements. Buttons, sliders, scrolls, and proximity circuits can be implemented into a custom solution.

Custom Printed Antenna

Add NFC technology into your product using custom printed electronics. By adding a printed NFC antenna structure to your traditional graphic overlays and membrane switches you can enhance your product features and provide an advanced user experience.

Custom Printed Heater

Leverage Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) technology to create custom printed heaters. Custom designed to meet your specific requirements for size and shape to fit seamlessly into your product. PTC heaters self-regulate to provide a consistent, safe, and reliable heating solution.

Custom Shielding

Using printed circuitry, we can provide custom ESD and EMI/RFI protection. Whether adding a printed layer to a membrane switch, or creating a custom formed or folded 3D part, we can provide a unique and effective solution to your specific electrical shielding needs.

Custom Electroluminescent Lighting (EL)

Utilizing printed electronics and electroluminescent materials, we can design and manufacture a custom electroluminescent lighting solution. This thin, flexible, and low power lighting source can be incorporated into a product for illumination, back-lighting, or combined with custom graphics.

Custom Force Sensing Resistor (FSR)

We can design and manufacture custom printed force sensing resistors or FSRs. These thin and flexible sensors utilize electrical resistance to measure a force being applied to the surface. Create custom sizes and force ranges to meet your specific application or add graphics to further enhance the user experience.

In-Mold Electronics IME

In-Mold Electronics leverages the benefits of printed electronics and in-mold decorating to create smart surfaces and 3 dimensional user interfaces. A multi-layer construction includes both graphics and electronic circuitry that is permanently fused to plastic during the in-mold decorating process. This creates an integrated touch interface that reduces cost, components, and complexity. Best of all, it provides manufacturers with the futuristic touch interfaces their customers want.

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