General Job Skills and Knowledge

The Quality Manager must have a solid understanding of quality principles, quality methods, a working knowledge of statistical process control tools, and ISO 9000-2015 requirements.  The Quality Manager must possess good communication skills, team-building skills, and exhibit an aptitude for technical documentation. The Quality Manager must have the capability to implement various standards such as ISO, TQM, Best Practices, 5S, Continual Improvement, and Lean Manufacturing.  The Quality Manager must be able to make sound and consistent decisions for both the product being manufactured as well as the system/process changes needed for continual improvement.  The Quality Manager must be a working manager with hands activities in PPAPs, 1st Articles, Reliability Testing, and complying with environmental requirements such as ROHS, REACH, and Toxicity with customers.  This position requires a four-year engineering degree or equivalent experience as well as a basic understanding of all operations within Inno-Flex.

General Job Description

The Quality Manager plans, coordinates, and directs the company’s quality program which includes environmental compliance with a process of continual improvement.  The Quality Manager is responsible for ensuring that manufactured products meet customer performance, quality, and environmental requirements.  The Quality Manager will assist project engineering with the successful launch of new projects into production.  The Quality Manager will provide technical support and assistance as well as training to production personnel.  The Quality Manager will help to identify and address quality issues as they arise and initiate programs to solve them.  The Quality Manager establishes quality and reliability standards for both internally produced products and for incoming materials.  The Quality Manager updates ISO system requirements as needed and through the resources of the quality department writes and documents quality inspection and testing procedures.

Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Assures that the quality department is operating in a safe manner.
  • Enforces company rules, regulations, policies, procedures, systems, and quality standards.
  • Oversees, establishes, implements, and continually improves the quality system.
  • Maintains Inno-Flex’s ISO certification and is the Inno-Flex ISO Quality Representative.
  • Maintains and reports out timely quality information (yields, scrap, RMAs, PPM, etc)
  • Formulates quality objectives and coordinates objectives with production procedures in cooperation with other company personnel to maximize product reliability and minimize costs.
  • Develops and implements process improvements to meet customer PPM requirements.
  • Attends contract review and design review meetings for new projects to address potential quality related issues.
  • Works along with the quality engineer in the process of First Articles, PPAPs, part measurement, and testing.
  • Responsible for First Article and PPAP submission paperwork per customer requirements.
  • Initiates requests for, and follows through on corrective actions both internally and externally.
  • Maintains purchased product quality through supplier management.
  • Conducts supplier surveys and audits in conjunction with purchasing.
  • Analyzes and sets disposition of customer returned product.
  • Dispositions nonconforming material and facilitates any necessary rework with project engineering.
  • Develops and maintains quality documentation including process procedures.
  • Develops and conducts inspector training and certification.
  • Develops appropriate internal quality inspection and test methods.
  • Investigates and handles customer complaints regarding quality through the RMA system.
  • Plans, promotes, and organizes training activities related to product quality and reliability.
  • Responsible for Inno-Flex Test lab.
  • Manages Inno-Flex’s Customer Environmental Requirements such as ROHS, Whirlpool RML, GE Toxicity, REACH, Conflict Minerals, etc.

Job Measurements

The performance of this position is based on many different factors including but not limited to:

  • Improving overall yields on overlays , faceplates, IMD parts, circuits, and assemblies to consistently beat Yield standard (weekly report)
  • Reducing Inno-Flex’s external PPM rating to beat customer’s expectations (monthly report)
  • Reducing customer returned scrap dollars. (monthly report)
  • Achieving Inno-Flex’s ISO yearly audit rating with no non-conformances.
  • Establish an ongoing product reliability program to reduce Inno-Flex product risk liability.
  • Passing all customer quality audits (as needed)
  • Improving part quality and reliability through implementation of necessary process control techniques.
  • Reducing supplier quality problems with materials received.
  • Achieving First Article and PPAP customer approvals on the first submittal.
  • Achieving high customer marks for Inno-Flex’s Quality System as shown by the parts we manufacture for them.