Screen Press Operator – Sakurai and Theime 2nd Shift

General Job Skills and Knowledge

The Screen Press Operator must have self-initiative, good reading skills, good verbal communication skills, good organizational skills, good judgment capability for printing acceptance standards, good judgment capability for registration acceptance standards, good judgment capability for color standards, and be able to understand all aspects of a work order ticket.

The Screen Press Operator must have the aptitude, skill set, experience, and knowledge to perform the screen printing press functions which include working the printing press’s computer interface, the drying line, the UV line, and the stackers.

General Job Description

Sakurai experience preferred by not required.  The Screen Press Operator’s primary job responsibility is to set up and keep the printing presses efficiently running quality parts. When the press is running, the duties include checking cosmetic criteria, registration criteria, and color criteria on sheets coming off the press, maintaining proper ink levels in the screen, and maintaining machine operating parameters. The Screen Printing Operator should have the ability to solve general quality and/or machine problems on a daily basis on their press line. During the running of a printing press the Screen Press Operator will check for any non-conformity on sheets coming off their press line. When non-conformities are found and cannot be corrected the Screen Press Operator is responsible to make the Printing Supervisor and/or shift lead aware and get additional help to get them corrected.

Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Set up and run a screen print press with the full capability of performing all printing press functions.
  • Be aware of all safety issues in running a screen print press line which may include dryer, UV curing, and stacking equipment and be responsible for the shutting down of the press line operations as required.
  • Notify the Printing Supervisor and/or shift lead immediately when printed sheets show quality criteria problems that cannot be corrected as running the press line.
  • Make the appropriate corrections when the quality level goes below acceptance standards.
  • Follow the MRN process as needed.
  • Checking screens and ink for correctness before they are used on a job
  • Maintain a work area which is capable of producing quality parts on a consistent basis. (maintain clean, organized area, and utilizing all printing check methods)
  • The printing press line is the Screen Press Operator’s primary tool and the Screen Press Operator is responsible to keep this tool in clean, organized, well maintained, and excellent working condition.
  • Any other duties to help the Printing Supervisor keep printing presses running quality parts throughout the printing department.

Job Measurements

  • Aptitude, skill set, knowledge and capability to set up and operate the screen printing press and understand the technology of the screen print process.
  • Sense of urgency to do what it takes to get the job done
  • Keeping down time to a minimum on their press line
  • Meeting the set up and approval time frames on print passes for jobs.
  • Consistently having the work order ticket filled out and 100% approved prior to it leaving the printing department.
  • Meeting the Job yield requirements coming off the press
  • Meeting the efficiency requirements of their press line after it is set up and approved to run.
  • Having the ability to detect non-conformities, getting them corrected in a timely manner, and if not able to correct them, stopping and getting additional help to get them corrected.
  • Meet the customer requirements on the job they are printing.

Any questions please contact Shayla S. in Human Resources.

Job Type: Full-time

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