Stock Cutter

General Job Skills and Knowledge

The stock cutter must have self-initiative, good reading skills, good basic math skills, good organizational skills, good mechanical skills, good communication skills, fork lift truck operation certification, be able to understand all aspects of a work order ticket, understand the Inno-Flex scheduling system, be able to use the Macola computer software on the Inno-Flex network, and be able to interact with all levels of the Inno-Flex organization. The stock cutter must have a sense of urgency to keep all areas of production supplied with the appropriate stock and notify those departments in advance if there is a problem concerning material requirements.

Qualifications Include:

  • Self-initiative
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Forklift experience preferred but not required – willing to train
  • Ability to speak/read English
  • Other characteristics such as personal characteristics
  • Experience preferred but not required

Working Conditions – Job Measurements

Production/warehouse environment of machines, moving equipment, weight loaded shelving, etc. the stock cutter must keep safety in mind at all times and as a major issue of importance for anyone entering the warehouse area.

  • Meeting print and die cut schedules with appropriate stock required by jobs.
  • Cut stock per job ticket instructions for size and quantity.
  • Fill out the job ticket and place material tracking stickers on all job tickets.
  • Use of forklift and pallet jack on a regular basis

Physical Requirements

There is continuous lifting, and some exposure to printing fumes within the building but not in the stock cutting area.
Properly adjust body position without straining or harming the muscles, spine and bones
Some material may require lifting of heavy objects; you must be able to meet physical requirements.

Dress Code

The manufacturing area dress code is as follows:

1. Hair falling past your face when bent over your work station must be pulled back and secured. Ball caps are allowed.
2. Hair nets are required when in the clean room or when working with screenable adhesives.
3. Stocking caps are a source of lint and are not allowed.

1. Clean cotton or polyester shirts or t-Shirts are allowed. Long Sleeved shirts must be worn tight around the wrist.
2. Plastic lab coats will be provided for employees when working with screenable adhesives.
3. Fleece lined or loose knit sweatshirts are not allowed.
4. Wool and “Fuzzy” sweaters are not allowed.
5. Coats and jackets are to be hung on coat racks, not at the employee’s work station. Purses and personal belongings are to be kept in the locker provided.

1. No open toe shoes

If you have any additional questions regarding dress code, please contact

Job Type: Full-time

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