Assembler (Sheet and Final)

General Job Skills and Knowledge

The assembly position requires an employee to have good hand/eye coordination and hand dexterity to perform detailed assembly work with printed sheets, die cut sheets, die cut components, and purchased part components.¬† The assembly position works with bench top assembly fixtures in addition to bench top laminators, electrical testers, pick and place equipment, and connector crimping equipment. ¬†Basic reading, writing, and math skills are needful to do the necessary paperwork. The assembler must also possess good communication skills in working with other employees. The assembler must have and attitude that carries’ a sense of urgency to meet the production requirements of our customers each day.

General Job Description

The assemblers main job is laminate together printed sheets with various adhesive sheets as well as assembly of die cut components and purchased part components ( such as spacers, faceplates, circuits, connectors, tactile domes, backers, etc.) to make a final product to ship to the customer. Versatility is a required part of being an assembler. The assembler is needed to work in any area of assembly or other department as called upon by production management or lead personnel. Each day the assembler is responsible for producing a quality part in an efficient manner.

Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Electrical testing of membrane switches.
  • Applying die cut sheets of adhesive or water seals to printed sheets of faceplates or circuits through the use of the bench top laminators prior to being die cut.
  • Applying adhesive to the backside of faceplates.
  • Applying tail insulators to circuits
  • Applying circuit spacers to circuits.
  • Applying adhesive spacers to circuits.
  • Applying faceplates to circuits.
  • Applying connectors to circuits ( Berg, amp, molex)
  • Applying circuit assemblies to purchased backers (molded, stamped, etc.)
  • Reading the assembler work order before the start of each job.
  • Completing the dail y work record and handing it into the lead.
  • If you feel a part is rejectable for any reason, see your supervisor, lead person or quality personnel.
  • Bringing parts to the next department when an assembly process is finished
  • Keep noise, conversation, distractions to a minimum while working.
  • Completing accurately any assembly inventory paperwork.

Job Measurements

The job performance of this position will be based upon the quality and efficiency of parts produced. Attitude, cooperation, and attendance will also be evaluated.

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