General Job Skills and Knowledge

The Development Project Engineer must have an engineering degree with excellent mechanical aptitude and creativity for product design as well as processing of decorative overlays, in mold decorative film products, and membrane switches.  This position must have the ability to communicate & interact well with all functions of the company to drive new sales opportunity programs with the achievement and implementation of approved production product in required time lines.  Making these programs a reality requires the ability to make sound, consistent technical decisions in tight completion time frames on product design and process direction.

General Job Description

The Development Project Engineer will do hands on technical program management, leading new sales opportunities development programs to completion through the customer approval stage.  This position will also direct brain storming and analysis for ways to improve and reduce cost on existing product lines.  This position requires full documentation and regular report outs of all testing, evaluation, and approval status of development programs.  When a new development product and/or process hits the approval stage, the Development Project Engineer must work closely with Project Engineers, Quality Engineers, and Production to ensure proper transfer of the development program into normal production channels.

Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Weekly involvement in new sales opportunity programs and quote review meetings.
  • Daily involvement in engineering project update meeting, with responsibility to report out on status of each development program.
  • Research and Development for new sales opportunity programs to achieve implementation into production.
  • Program managing artwork and work order ticket development with project engineering on new sales opportunity programs.
  • Research and Develop cost reduction and efficiency improvements on existing programs and product lines.
  • Writing concise and detailed Engineering Change Orders.
  • Maintaining Documentation for all testing and analysis in a formalized electronic system available for Inno-Flex management review.

Job Measurements

The Development Project engineer will be evaluated by increased sales revenue through the implementation of new product sales opportunities made ready for production as well as driving cost reduction/efficiency opportunities on existing product lines to completion.